Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Now it's time for the walls of the interior.Depending on who you talk to,the main color of the walls are either tan or grey,I chose Deck Tan by Tamiya.I painted all the walls with it,only to realize later that I should have painted the control panels first,and then mask them off and spray the Deck Tan.Oh well,that's what old age does to you.The control panels were shot with Dark Ghost Grey from Testors,the two small boxes were painted with Tamiya Metallic Grey.The bunk cabinets were painted Aluminium Non Buffing Metalizer from Testors,and the bed painted Semi Gloss Black from Tamiya.The door was also painted Tamiya Metallic Grey.The hatch wheel actually turns,a brass pin and tube is all you need.I used steel nails for the hinges instead of the plastic pins provided.Now it's time to do all the detail work on all the control panels.

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