Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Once the floor is painted,it is time to construct the girder framework.A lot of sanding to get rid of the mold lines,and they are ready to attach to the floor.There are four long ones and two short ones that go toward the front,by the windows.One of the long ones has a stud on the inside,this is to mount one of the two fire extinguishers,and has a corresponding slot in the floor.I placed the girders in their slots and cemented the ring with Ten-X,which gives me a nice strong joint.I then added the outside ring segments to the framework,and let it dry for an hour or so.I carefully pushed the whole framework off the floor plate.I painted the whole thing Tamiya metallic grey,a nice darker color than silver.When dry,I placed the framework back on the floor and glued it from the underside.I use Testors Liquid Cement,in the black plastic bottle,one of the best products ever produced.A cross between the Tube glue and the liquid cement,it has the perfect consistency to control.

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