Wednesday, February 04, 2009

This is a very well engineered model kit.It was made with a lot of for thought and ease of building for the modeller.The floor plate is of clear plastic,to be able to light the three hexagon panels from underneath.I first masked the panels with a liquid masking medium and painted the plate Intermediate Blue in the Model Masters line,and was rewarded with paint leaks.After stripping the piece with my favorite product, Testors Easy Lift Off,I used Tamiya masking tape(which I should of used in the first place!)cut the shapes out,shot the plate with two coats of Flat Black(I have several bottles of Pactra Flat Black Acrylic Paint,that's my favorite,and no longer made)to eliminate light leaks,and painted two coats of the Blue.Once dry,I peeled the tape off to admire my beautiful hexagons,nice and clean.I painted the underside with Tamiya Clear Yellow,and the seat plates,Tamiya Semi-gloss Black,and the front of the plate Tamiya Deck Tan,which is the overall color for the interior walls.The floor was then clear coated with Krylon Clear Satin for a nice sheen.

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